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About ”Find Your Talent”

Find your talent, work on your skills! is a strategic partnership project, financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program, and it focuses on talent development in working with young people. Each partner organization that joined this 3-year project has different expertise, methods and outlook on talent development.  Using interconnected expertise, we were be able to develop new methods and tools for youth workers to identify individual talent in a group, to stimulate self discovery, self knowledge and self regulation, ultimately to develop a program with projects and activities for all talent areas and 21st century skills needed nowadays.

Training courses

We organized 4 training courses, one per country, 80 youth workers attended them and then disseminate and spread the knowledge in a web of local activities. Two intellectual outputs, a Guide on Talent Development and an Innovative phone app for visualizing youth’s talent were developed with all the partners contribution.  As well as a cardgame for discovering talent, and several theatre instruction video’s and podcasts about stimulating creativity in youths. You can find them in the menu under ”Results”. A web of local activities unfolded after these trainingcourses, involving numerous youths from the local communities in all 4 countries.

The first Trainingcourse unfolded in December 2019, the second trainingcourse took place online, due to Covid restriction in June 2021, the third took place in Romania in oktober 2021 and the final trainingcourse took place in Poland in  2022.

4 Partner organisations

Each partner organisation has different expertise, methods and outlook on talent development. Coördinating organisation Avedan Welzijn from the Netherlands is specialized in outreach youthwork, reaching vulnerable youths and has expertise in the field of Youth Coaching. Avedan’s Studio15 is a cultural youth centre focussing on talent development using arts & culture as a tool. Idrops from Belgium is a social inovation agency who is using the Human Centred Design Method in their projects with youths, focussing on 21st century skills. Imago Mundi from Romania focusses on developing life skills and competences of youths. YouthAct from Poland is specialized in using theatre and improv techniques to work on personal development.


Avedan Welzijn, Netherlands

Avedan Welzijn from the region of Almelo, Netherlands is a welfare organization which was funded by and works closely together with the local municipalities of several cities in the ‘’Twenterand’’ area. We have a reach of 180.000 people, and work with 93 trained employees and approx. 100 volunteers. Our work covers all aspects of social policy, focusing on groups and individual citizens, and it’s aimed at increasing the livability of the local community and promotes social participation. Avedan offers a variety of products and services for toddlers, children, teenagers and young people, parents, adults, volunteers and the elderly.

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Studio15, Netherlands

Studio15 is a cultural youth centre that focusses on talentdevelopment and is a collaboration between Avedan Welzijn and Kaliber Kunstenschool. Studio15 offers free practice space, free coaching and free masterclasses to youths in the field of music, dance, photography, film, event organization and entrepeneurship. Studio15 is centrally based in the city of Almelo, Overijssel. And is open to all youths in the Twenterand area. Studio15 also focusses on personal development, promoting volunteer work, social participation, active citizenship, identifying skills and competences and creating future perspective for youths.

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Youth Act, Poland

‘Increasing awerness, developing competences’
Youth Act is working at local and international level supporting youth and youth workers to develop their competnaces, support personal development, increasing their tolerance, promoting human rights and social inclusion.

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Asociatia Imago Mundi, Romania

Imago Mundi Association supports youths & their development, especially in the rural areas. We use non-formal education for developing life skills and competences of youths. We work along with teachers and youth workers from Romania, and we have strong partnerships with NGOs across Europe.

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iDrops, Belgium

iDROPS is the partner in social innovation for governments, profit & non-profit organizations or companies. We organize and guide innovation processes around six societal challenges: Care, New Learning, Sustainability, Superdiversity, Global Innovation and Community Building. Together we install a sustainable change and we work on a viable, inclusive future. This way we also prepare your organization for the future. Participation is our most important asset!

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Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport. It runs for seven years, from 2014 to 2020, with organisations invited to apply for funding each year for life-changing activities. The program will continue from 2021 with some changes but with the same goals and a desire to involve even more EU citizens.

Erasmus+ aims to modernize education, training and youth work across Europe. It is open to education, training, youth and sport organisations across all sectors of lifelong learning, including school education, further and higher education, adult education and the youth sector.

It is through the Erasmus+ program that our project is funded. E+ allows us to exchange experiences and expertise with organizations from other countries, and make it possible for youth to expand their knowledge of the world and their horizons.

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