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Intellectual Outputs of "Find your talent, work on your skills" project

2019-2021 Financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program, KA2.

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Talent Development Guide for Youth Workers

Talent Development Guide for Youth Workers

Will be a powerful tool for sharing our learning acquisitions to NGOs and other interested stakeholders at European level: it will gather all methods used during the 4 joint staff training events and then tested at local level, conclusions and recommendations resulted during the 24 months of implementation. The guide will include chapters with the following directions:

The guide will include chapters with the following directions:

1. The Human centered design method,

As an approach to creating solutions, adapted with the support of our partner Idrops BL (which is a social innovation agency), for use within the youth work framework. Youth workers will find out how to identify innovative ways and how to work with a design process in their projects and activities with young people, but this method is to be used by youth workers themselves as well as for searching solutions and identifying opportunities. As this approach will be used at local level by youth workers taking part in the TCs, in the guide, its beneficiaries will also find out how specific sessions unfolded, the youths’ feedback, recommendations of those who employed the method;

2. Non-formal methods and strategies for developing youths’ talent,

Wiich will deliver input, methods and recommendations for youth workers to use so that they turn talents into assets:

Approaches and strategies for the development of social skills of young people;

Leadership talents revealed;

Gamification and simulation exercises for talent development;

A special focus will be given to assessing skills that youth workers need for working on talent development with youths. All the other partners will bring their input in this direction of the guide.

3. Engaging youngsters in educational activities and helping them to guide their learning process through the use of arts.

Examples of good practices, activities delivered by Studio15 Talenthouse managed by Avedan Welzijn, the concepts of performance coaching and one on o coaching will be tackled within the guide as well. Art is the tool, and employment is the goal: art is a powerful way of building competences as well as self - confidence in young people and methods but more important strategies and approaches in working with young people will be presented, with focus on: poetry, rap music, photography, dance. ‘’Youth Organizing’’ methodology is used to invite, activate, motivate and support youths to independently take initiative, to shape, implement and to maintain focus on what they started; this methodology will be explained into detail in our guide.

4. Introducing youth-workers to role-play, street improvisation theater methods,

So they can use it to help young people improve communication skills. Youth workers will be able to find out more about very hands on methods on street theater improvisation and British dram for youth self-development, about drama values, organic improvisation and street performing art.

Each of the 4 partner organisations brings a distinctive expertise to a particular direction and we feel that the guide has a great potential of being transferred and used in a very efficient way by organisations outside the partnership. It will be the result of two years of concerted efforts on behalf of all partners, and the quality of the guide comes from the web of activities, research, local workshops in which methods are being tested, and
from us as authors asking constantly for feedback from youth workers and young people alike.



Avedan Welzijn, NL, and Idrops, BL, will develop together a phone app, which is designed to be an innovative tool used by youth workers and youths for visualizing youths’ talents. We will use the human centered design approach to develop this app so that youngsters visualize and document their individual talents and competences.

This app is intended to be a tool easy to use by youths in their native languages and can grow with them from teenager to adolescent. Each youngster will have a well-documented online portfolio which helps them to recognize and understand their talents and their learning process, and better equips them to describe and communicate their talents and competences. They will eventually use these skills into a CV, with the support of youth workers, and using a phone app as a vehicle for this tool will be appealing for the specific age group.

As each organization involves actively in our project activities a group of 20 youths, they will also be asked to use the app when testing it, and their feedback and input will be extremely valuable.

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