Card Game & 360 feedback


One of the results of our project is a cardgame that helps youth workers to, in a playful way, introduce the subject of ‘’talents’’ during a
youthwork activity and make talents and competences visible to youths. The card game can be played single or in a group, and is appropriate for youths age 10 – 18 years old.

Goal: Discovering your talents and competencies.
Competencies: self-knowledge, motivation and self-regulation.
Materials: Talent cards (PDF printout), 360 feedback form (PDF Printout) paper, glue and coloured crayons.



  1. Take the piece of paper and draw a self-portrait in the middle of the paper. Draw yourself and put your name on top of the paper.
  2. Spread the talent cards on the table. Pick out the ones you think fit you. Pick the talents or competencies you think you posses. Cut them out and glue them around your self-portrait.
  3. Take the 360 feedback paper, and ask your friends, parents, teacher or other person that knows you well, to fill in what they think are your talents or competences.
  4. Add them to your self-portrait if you want.
  5. Now ad other words and pictures you think describe who you are. Your personality, hobby’s, preferences.
  • Extra assignment:
  • Now draw or write down what profession you would like to pursue.
  • Look again at the talent cards. What talents or competencies do you think are important to have if you want to succeed at this profession?
  • Look at the cards you glued on your self-portrait, are the right talents/competencies there?
  • Which ones are missing?
  • Think of how you could practice or learn these talent/competencies. Do you know somebody who could help you? Can you join an activity or club? Can you find information online?
  • Write down a first step you want to take on your poster.
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